Whether you're running for president, starting an industry-changing venture, or enabling millions of users to print out a billion shipping labels, our eclectic team of divergent thinkers will not rest until they've made you successful.


If you can dream it, we can make it reality.

People and businesses come to us with problems. We turn those problems into opportunities and invent solutions that many thought were impossible. After our engineers build it, our marketing team takes over and brands it like a longhorn, introducing it to the world.

Here's just some of the great stuff we do:


The passion we have for the projects we take on is unrivaled.

The success our clients enjoy communicates the devotion we have to each and every project.


We built successful startups before people knew what a startup was. Today we're solving our client's problems with the same vigor because our founding principles still guide us.

Our history is rooted in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship requires getting things done. Not just saying "can do," but living it. Making fast decisions and compressing timelines. Staying up late not just during launch week, but every night because you can't bear to leave your baby.

Our journey started with Up4Sale.com, a company which our founder, Rob Ratterman, created and co-founded in 1996. Rob and his team built Up4Sale to be the 2nd largest person-to-person auction site on the internet before selling to eBay in 1998--becoming their first acquisition and their only acquisition prior to their IPO.

eBay wanted to uproot the Up4Sale team and move them out of Cincinnati--but we said no. Being Cincinnati natives, we knew the mystery ingredient in Skyline chili was not the only secret Cincinnati was hiding. Cincinnati’s secret, then and now, is its people. Talented, creative, motivated, ingenious, tireless people.

We have built CanDo around these individuals. Our strength and our ingenuity comes from our people. Give us a call. We'd love to take on your challenge.
Entrepreneurship requires getting things done. Not just saying "can do," but living it. Making fast decisions and compressing timelines.

Rob Ratterman


Eric Stein


Sergiy Misura

Lead Engineer

Katie Stein

Marketing Director

Jeff Schinaman

Lead Project Manager

Robert Campbell

Embedded Systems

Dan St. Charles

Database Architect
  • CanDo saved a major internet player $200,000 by completely developing and launching an entirely new line of business over a three-day weekend.

    True Story

  • Over 500,000 Donations processed and $35 Million raised online in the Republican Primary. Millions of page views, innovative volunteer tools, and a social media strategy that more than tripled fans on Facebook. We helped Dr. Paul dominate the Internet even more than he did in 2008.

    Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign

  • We streamlined the order fulfillment process for eBay/PayPal customers. The software creates custom shipping preferences and templates, allows users to easily match labels to packages on their package list, manage and track all shipments in one easy location. To date, hundreds of millions of labels have been printed.

    PayPal Multiorder Shipping